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Cedar Siding

Cedar is a natural material that is both insect and moisture resistant; it also has exceptional resistance to decay, as well as relatively moderate strength and weight. It’s used not only for exterior siding, but also for interior paneling, because of its beautiful amber color, in addition to a straight, even grain.

The most common type of cedar siding is bevel siding, which is made as beveled boards — thinner at the top edge and thicker at the bottom. During installation, it has to be placed in overlapping layers.

Though installation and repair of cedar siding is relatively simple, it requires more long-term maintenance than other popular solutions (like vinyl or fiber cement). It requires treatment every 5-10 years, depending on the severity of weather to which it is exposed. Cedar siding is very versatile in style and can be painted in any color palette desired.

Benefits of Cedar Siding

Environmental Friendly “Green Building”

Cedar siding products require much less energy to produce than fiber-cement, vinyl, or steel. Wood products make up more than 40% of all raw materials manufactured in Canada, but its share of energy consumption during the manufacturing process is only about 4%. Cedar is naturally renewable building material and can be recycled and regenerated. Also, its manufacturing process produces far fewer greenhouse gases than manufacturing other siding products.

Natural Components

Cedar’s unique, natural preservative oil eliminates the need for artificial chemical treatment. The arsenic and copper compounds that are usually used to preserve other wood siding products can pose a serious health threat.

Durable Material

Cedar’s durability is legendary. It has natural resistance to moisture, decay, and pest damage, which makes it the ideal choice for an exterior siding that is exposed to the elements — rain , sun, cold, and heat.

Incredible Beauty and Aroma

Surround yourself in the beauty of real cedar. For several centuries, builders and artisans have valued the wood for its natural beauty. It compliments any architectural designs and tastes — from retro-style to contemporary buildings. Cedar easily accepts a range of different finishes, from solid coatings and paint to fine oils and stains. Cedar also has unique aroma, which comes from its heartwood.

Exceptional Workability

Cedar material is relatively easy to cut, glue, and finish compared to other alternatives. This type of siding is usually produced in long, lightweight lengths of timber that have a fine grain and uniform texture. It’s easy to saw, cut, and nail with common tools. These features also help it to be planed onto a smooth surface and machined to any desired pattern. The lack of pitch and resin allows quality cedar to hold glue bonds from a wide range of adhesives, while insuring a firm base for various types of paints and stains.

Cedar Siding Installation

In conclusion, cedar is one of the world’s premier woods. The siding is well known for its beautiful appearance, natural durability, light material weight, dimensional stability, and insulation value.

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